One Container Garden Down, Two to Go

| May 20, 2012

I’ve planted in container number 1 (gray) and am waiting for another week before planting in container 2 (blue). The third container (purple) is ready for planting since there’s no bokashi in it (didn’t want to wait the additional two weeks for the bokashi to be ready).

3 containers in various stages

There is a fourth container (blue) that will be used as a storage/decomposition receptacle for new bokashi. I’m burying some bokashi in the yard, but I also want to create nutrient rich soil that I can use later for houseplants or flowerbeds.

It’s kind of tough accessing nutrient rich soil when it’s buried a foot deep in the ground. Having a dirt container handy eliminates the need to dig up the yard.  It will also serve as the bokashi resting place during winter months. I’ve got wheels on the bottom of it so I can roll it into the laundry room for the winter.

Room for One More

I’m trying not to go overboard in my first year of container gardening. I’ve got room for at least one more container, but it will wait until next year. I’ve got more seeds than containers to plant them in.

Container Gardens

If all goes well this year, who knows, I might actually use the yard next year.

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