Green Ideas for the Family

| April 14, 2009

During one of my morning internet strolls, I happened upon a site that lists 100 Ideas for Your Green Family.

One hundred ideas is a lot to digest, but I think it’s worth a review.  If it’s too much for one sitting why not institute one or two ideas each week.  Imagine how much of a difference you and your family can make in a year’s time.  Better yet, share the list with a few relatives and friends.  See how much of a change the bunch of you can make.

Just a Few Ideas

The list starts off with the most practical of all ideas, buy less stuff. Then it continues on with things like growing your own veggies, having green picnics, fixing leaks and another practical tip, live within your means.


In addition to the great post on 100 Green Ideas for the Family, the Tree Hugging Family blog seems to be updated regularly (ahem… unlike this blog) and has tons of great information on making green choices to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.  I think it’s a must read for anyone interested in converting.

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Felicia is a bit of a tree hugger and likes to share ways to lighten the toxic burden on the environment.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the link love – and yeah – 100 ideas is a lot, but it’s good to have green choices I think. 100 means there’s a little something for everyone. Plus, I am a little anal – lists are like an addiction for me 🙂

    • Felicia says:

      Keep the lists coming! You’ve got some good stuff on your blog.

      BTW, I understand the anal part. I think all ‘green’ folks have that quality. Keep up the good work.