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Inexpensive BPA Free Water Bottles

BPA Free

After doing some research into BPA free plastic water bottles, I found that BPA free doesn’t always mean toxin free.  As a matter of fact, many BPA free items contain “regrettable substitutions.” Regrettable substitution is when one chemical is swapped out for another chemical that may be just as bad or worse. Having learned this [...]

Pillow and Bag

What do you do with your plastic shopping bags from the grocery store? Do you save them and reuse them? Do you throw them away? Do you use them to pick up after your dog? Prior to Bag o’ Bags and Pill-o-Bags, I used the grocery bags to pick up after my dog and reused [...]


Stinky T-Shirt Collars

Stinky T Shirt

Several years ago I wrote a post summarizing my results of a year-long experiment in using homemade laundry detergent. One of the challenges I faced in using the detergent was the unpleasant odor of t-shirt collars once they met with a sweaty workout. Since my original post I’ve read several online blogs where folks were [...]


Something I learned about Bokashi Soil

Bokashi Container

Nutrient-rich bokashi soil retains more moisture than “regular” soil. Regular is in quotes because there is nothing regular about regular soil. Soil is supposed to be nutrient rich, but we’ve become so accustomed to the stripped down version, which requires synthetic fertilizing, so that anything different is considered an anomaly. Last year when I created [...]


Make Shift Bird Deterrents

Bird Spikes

We’ve been having problems with birds building nests under our back porch. I don’t mind the birds so much but our garage is under the porch and our cars are constantly bombed with bird poop. Our cars looked like they spent the night in an aviary. So the battle began. I tried removing the nests [...]


I Love This Time of Year!

Early Strawberries

As I was evaluating my container garden this year, I couldn’t help but snap a photo of my early strawberries. These are the very same strawberries I almost tossed in the compost pile (thanks Crystal and her SIL for talking me down). There was also another surprise. For seasoned gardeners this isn’t a big deal [...]


Container Gardening Year 2


Last year was the first year of container gardening. All in all, I think my growing season was pretty successful. Now it’s time to get things prepared for this year’s growing season. This year I’ve removed the wheels from the bottom of my containers. While the idea was a good one, it wasn’t truly necessary. [...]